USDCHF Sell Off – Best DIBS of the Week

Sadly I did not trade any USDCHF today. It looks as though the M30 and 1H charts had some wonderful DIBS short signals on the USDCHF today as the “risk off” sentiment in the market combined with some strong Swiss economic data releases helped fuel a solid sell off in the USDCHF today.

The charts below show that on the 1H Time frame, the candle beginning at 10 AM UK Time was a very narrow ranging inside bar (11pips with 0.8476 as the low). The USDCHF’s break of the lows resulted in a c.90pip tank, impressive stuff.

There’s always next time…..but it goes to show the market can throw plenty of good entry opportunities AFTER the release of news… need to get into the game of predicting what the market will do when you can engage in what the market is doing with fairly controlled risk.



What the world needs now is another forex blog

This is the start of a new forex blog, one blog in a very crowded and boring space. There is no guarantee that this blog will not be boring, but it will try to provide insights and useful information on the forex markets, forex trading strategies and on trends affecting the forex trading industry. The blog will often be composed of posts containing links to other web sites, blogs or videos etc.

The name of the blog uses the term “dibs”, which is named after a popular trading methodology forum on the forex factory web site (DIBS = Daily Inside Bar Set Up). The blog title then includes a couple of clich├ęs: (i) using the number “4” instead of “for”; (ii) using the term pips.


fxdibs4pips team



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