DIBS on LNKD – Even LinkedIn IPO started out with some DIBS

Looks as though even the hot new IPO LinkedIn got in on the DIBS act on its first day of trading. The chart below shows intra-day price action on the 15m time-frame from May 20th through to May 25th, the LNKD price  printed a first 15m bar that was a very wide ranging (High 92.99 / Low 80.00) and the very next bar was an inside bar which led to a DIBS being set up (High 86.25 / Low 81.07). This relatively narrow ranged inside bar ($5.18 range) was followed up by a massive run-up during the rest of LNKD’s first day of trade which saw the shares hit highs of 122.70, well over $35.00 above the highs of the DIBS signal bar at the start of the trading session. Not bad for the DIBS to show up like that on LNKD’s first ever trading session, goes to show that the DIBS method is applicable to just about any reasonably liquid financial instrument.



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