Any Free Forex Trading Magazines Available?

I sometimes am asked if there are any free trading magazines available that focus on trading the forex markets. The answer is yes, there are a couple that even make their magazines available as PDF files that you can download onto your hard drive and read off line at your own leisure.

The first magazine is Currency Trader Magazine. The magazine’s web site claims that it is the “only” magazine for FX Traders……I’m not sure about that…..I think there are others. This magazine is a monthly and it usually includes some updates on macro fundamentals, a discussion on a technical trading technique or two and an interview with an FX trader or industry insider. If you get your free subscription hooked up then you will receive a monthly e-mail alert informing you when the new edition is available for download.

The second magazine is FX Trader Magazine. This is another magazine that combines news,analysis and education as well as including interviews with traders.

Remember that you need to be realistic about what you can get out of reading a magazine article. If an interview gives you an idea about a concept you think you can go and back test in the forex market, then it may have been worthwhile.


fxdibs4pips team


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